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OpenLabs Ghana Scholarship Exam is to identify academically brilliant students through online assessment and provide them with scholarships.

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Scholarship Quiz


  • Kindly read the below instructions carefully before you start the exam.
  • The test carries 100 marks and each question carries one (1) mark. 
  • All questions are of objective type (multiple choice questions); each question with the choice of four answers, only one being the correct choice.
  • Each correct answer fetches 1 mark.
  • Candidate should be seated in front of the desktop or laptop or mobile phone facing the screen.
  • Candidate CANNOT open any other application window during the test and if anybody is caught doing so, it will be considered as a violation.
  • No bio breaks are permitted during the test.
  • The candidate is not allowed to use a calculator during the test. A plain paper and a pencil are allowed for rough work.
  • Candidate CANNOT talk or speak during the test or use any device like phones or tablets for anything.



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It was quite interesting
Thanks and keep it up
Grateful for the opportunity to partake in the scholarship quiz.
The questions were randomly selected which makes the exam fun and self focused
It was an interesting test.
Looking to join this amazing journey you. See you soon.
Very informative exam
Can you retake the exam again if you fail?
Was Hot but I cracked it
Though it was tough but I still cracked it
wow, it was tough but we came through
It's a great test
I am happy i passed the text. Thank you so much.
Great questions though, I Was sweating through out lol
The Questions were thought provoking.
I had a pass Mark's of 60...Its been 8 years since I took a book to learn but so far so good I did well..
A very interesting mix of questions covering diverse fields of learning and knowledge.
Great Quiz.... Helped me a lot
Great mix of subject areas for a short quiz. A very challenging one at that.
Thank you very much for this opportunity
I had an awesome exams , it really cost thinking but I passed. Waiting for the positive outcomes. Thank you
It was amazing...didn't pass though....
great exams. good refresher
fantastic, waiting for feedback
Oh it has been a great opportunity engaging myself in this smart quiz ,, GOD been so good l went through successfully with a good mark .... So now I don't really know what next...
Very thrilling and interesting
I’ll always be glad to join your courses.
The best online test I’ve written so far 💯
It was fun. Learnt alot too
Good test, I got the pass mark. Waiting for this opportunity....
Wow thanks to Openlabs for making my dream come through to studies IT
my bad i need a second chance
Just finished my own waiting for their responses
Hmmm the maths calculations kill me oo, 10 years of not studying maths calculations. But all the same, I passed.
Woow just enjoyed the quiz and passed.. thanks
The questions were general but needs critical thinking skills before answering. The questions were precise without ambiguity.
I didn’t even know my mathematics will be texted here
Grateful for the Scholarship Opportunity:

I am thrilled to share my experience and express my gratitude for the scholarship I received. It has been a life-changing opportunity that has had a significant impact on my educational journey.
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the organization or institution that awarded me the scholarship. Their generosity and support have made a tremendous difference in my life.
Receiving this scholarship has provided me with substantial financial relief. It has alleviated the burden of tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses. This support has allowed me to focus more on my studies and pursue my academic goals with confidence.
The scholarship has opened doors to new and exciting opportunities. Not only does it provide financial assistance, but it also enhances my academic profile. Being a scholarship recipient has given me a sense of pride and has boosted my confidence in pursuing future endeavors.
Beyond the financial benefits, the scholarship has contributed to my personal growth and development. It has motivated me to work harder, maintain a strong academic record, and actively engage in extracurricular activities. The recognition and validation of my efforts have inspired me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my education.
This scholarship has had a profound impact on my future aspirations. It has reinforced my commitment to my chosen field of study and has fueled my ambition to make a positive impact in my community. It has instilled in me a sense of responsibility to give back and support others in their educational pursuits.
In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the scholarship I received. It has provided me with financial support, expanded opportunities, and personal growth. I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and will strive to honor the investment made in me by excelling academically and contributing to society. Once again, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the organization or institution for their generosity and belief in my potential.
Nice questions but tricky 😁
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Did better than expected.
It was so fun don't forget your Science Class.
is there any thing i could do to win this scholarship quiz
easy and friendly
Very tricky questions
I loved it. It was user friendly and easy thanks :)
Quiz is amazing
learning new stuff.
The test is some how tricky but I try my possible best and past
I really love the quiz,l thank God that l have passed successfully.
Pls what is the next thing to do?
Questions are apt and fits the standards for the purpose.
Was a good challenge for me.
I'm very excited for this opportunity. But please I want to ask the administrators and the individuals that after passing the scholarship quiz what is the next thing to be done. Thank you.
Good questions
I love them ❤️
And Thank you guys very much
Typically, the OpenLabs scholarship tests are made to assess applicants' aptitude, academic competency, problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, and domain-specific knowledge. Depending on the objective of the scholarship, these tests could contain sections on topics like mathematics, physics, language, or other pertinent areas.
I’m so exited 🥰
Thanks for the opportunity.
Can I repeat the exam?
It's all good, test of knowledge and standard know how. A must attempt questions.
I enjoyed the test. Hopeing to get this scholarship to study under the tutelage of your esteemed professionals. Thank you.
Very nice exercise and very tricky
I enjoyed a lot and I hope after getting 54% my scholarship will follow.
Quiz was fun to write but not for the faint-hearted.
It was an interesting exam indeed but remember, not for the kids 🤗😊
Nice questions
It was really fun. I enjoyed it.
I am enthused about this scholarship. Thank you very much, OpenLabsGH
Please some of the in-correct you gave me 12 of them is correct oo
Please kindly do something about it for me please
This quiz was very interesting....and am excited to have passed
This test was a really good test that really opened my mind to a lot of general knowledge
Please have I qualify for the scholarship
wows it was amazing exams very friendly full of JHS. But thank Good I was able to pass
It was a great experience, at least some JHS mathematics refreshed my memory.
Wow, I passed. The questions were simple and friendly.
Am done with the questioning and answering
What happens nest please?
Done and Passed! What is next?
I am Aku-ina Isaac Awingura, I took part in your scholarship examination and I passed but my parents are not sure of it .they are saying maybe is a scam. so I need your help
Great to hear this good initiatives
It’s fun 🤩 because they are just some basic questions
I had a great time answering with the quiz but the internet service in Ghana is sometimes bad so i could not finish the quiz on time. please sometime consider the network service in Ghana and add extra time like 10-20mins
I am sorry
Please pardon me to rewrite again
Very easy test.
merci pour tout le test était vraiment j"ai meme apris de nouvelle chose; j'espère integré cette école pour me faire former en developpement web et mobile
Wow the quiz was a good one. The questions were easy and it doesn’t need too much thinking. I will recommend open labs for every individual.
I really like this though it was mixed up with other side of subjects. I am glad i had my pass mark
am grateful for the opportunity.
Please can a consideration be giving me to offer a course under 50 percent scholarship.
What's next, after passing the exam?
Hoping for the best of experience... Thanks
Very interesting questions by all standards. Openlabs is indeed on top their game. I passed through.
looking forward to get this scholarship. tumbs up
Open labs is what I recommend for everyone who wants to enter into IT
Is there a chance I can retake the quiz again?
I lost 1% to my 50% passing score
this is crazy
I passed for the exams. Waiting for feedback
I want to write again
Thanks so much for the 40% Scholarship earned, most grateful. Got my offer letter immediately after the exams.
this was tough but glad i made it to the next level
The transcripts presented contradicts the questions quized.
It's been a long time I did "mental". Nice opportunity to recall what I have learnt over the years. Indeed, there is nothing like small test.
Have really enjoy the questions.
It was a very nice experience
test was a real brainer
passed anyway thank you.
I wish I could get enough time to solve the Maths but I couldn't.
Although I am not good at Mathematics but I always try my best.
The test was interesting, The math questions took me way back. challenging your problem solving skills.
Wonderful experience
I’m so glad for this wonderful opportunity
I want to do it again
the exam is a brainer,yet passed,thanks .
Was very nice, I had a very good experience answering them
Please kindly allow me to rewrite the OpenLabs Scholarship Exam against
After completion of the exams , please what is the next procedure
Good refresher!!!
Wow. Was challenging but I passed
That was awesome
Pass and get your scholarahip
Great I have made it.
It was cool, this quiz has really broaden my mind on ICT things. It was great.
easy but tricky questions
I am so happy i passed this test. Tricky, but fun to answer.
I did it 🙏🙏
What is next after passing successfully
Good and really set me on my toes
I'm not all that good in maths but Allah being so good I av been able to get 49%, I'm grateful thou I didn't find it easy. Thank you.
It was fun and challenging but mkst questions were repeated
Was a great quiz even though I got most of them wrong
I just passed my quiz.
Thanks for the opportunity to test my scope of knowledge. Some of the questions offered the opportunity to learn more and I am up for it.

Having passed the required percentage, I prayed to get picked for the scholarship.

Thank you.
Quite interesting. I'm done and I passed. What should I do next?
Where is the scholarship?
I have pass the exams so what will I do next
Commendable and brain racking
This is a brilliant way of giving scholarship.. My expectation was quiet met but i did my part .
It was cool but a bit tricky. So when are we starting the course ?
It was cool indeed
The best form of revision ever, worth commendation.
It was a nice experience in all, but the numbering looked as if it was part of the questions so I suggest something be done about it.Thanks
Thanks a lot for the offer and i really appreciate it..I am a beginner and i am willing to get on the field of the software developers..
I want graphic design
Quite tricky and simple.
Really appreciate your good work
OpenLabs scholarship Exam is real and fear, so I recommend it everybody to participate.
I got confused a lot.. the numbering of the questions made it seem like they were part of the questions. I'd suggest you do something about it
Thanks for quiz, though it was mind triggering questions and I really love it!
Thanks so much OpenLabs
I’m very happy to have had this opportunity
general iq questions.....great
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to enlighten myself once again.
Can I retake the course?
The test was okay but there was a fault in with my internet which wasted a bit of my time.
some answers I chose was correct but the system rendered it wrong
Can I write a new quiz
Why can’t I get the scholarship? I passed the marks you wanted.
The math questions needed some time to solve and so because of the time constraint I did not have them right. In all , it was a good experience.