Certificate in Machine Learning Using Python Programming

Get Certified in Machine Learning in 2 Weeks.


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What's Included

  • 0 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion

What you'll learn

  • Query relational data
  • Analyze and visualize data
  • Understand statistics
  • Explore data with code
  • Understand core data science concepts
  • Understand machine learning
  • Use code to manipulate and model data
  • Develop intelligent solutions

Course Curriculum

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0 Lectures


Module 1 - Introduction to Data Manipulation and Data Visualization
Module 2 - Introduction to Machine Learning
Module 3 - Introduction to Web Scraping and NLP
Module 4 - Introduction to Image Processing (Open CV) and Face Detection
Module 5 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (ANN and CNN)
Module 6 - Introduction to Data Manipulation and Data Visualization
Module 7 - Introduction to Machine Learning
Module 8 - Introduction to KNN
Module 9 - Introduction to Web Scraping
Module 10 - Introduction to NLP
Module11 - Introduction to Image Processing (Open CV)
Module 12: Introduction to Face Detection
Module 13: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Module 14 - ANN for Image Classification
Module 15: Introduction to Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)


  •  Applicant must have prior knowledge and working experience in Data Handling and Data Manipulation. OR
  •  Applicant must have completed all the modules in OpenLabs Diploma in Software Development


This program trains learners on fundamental skills that a data scientist should possess. This program starts with the basics of Python programming and Introduction to Machine learning. The course will train students to develop supervised, semi
supervised and unsupervised machine learning models using python libraries.

At a Glance:

Institution: OpenLabs Ghana

Duration: 48 Hrs. / Two Weeks
Certificate Name: Certificate in Machine Learning
Program Release Note: Version 1
Release Date: October 01, 2021



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